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Phase II (January 01, 2021 to August 31, 2022)

This project aims to expand the current pilot phase activities of strengthening primary health care system for delivery of hypertension screening, treatment, and follow-up services to 54 sub-district hospitals.


  • To establish universal screening for hypertension and referral system at primary health care facilities (UHCs, Union sub-centers and community clinics)
  • To train physicians, nurses, community health care workers for hypertension diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up following the standard treatment protocol
  • To ensure uninterrupted medication supply by government through advocacy and projections and refilling from community clinics
  • To introduce Simple app for keeping patient record, tracking BP changes and follow-up
  • To campaign for lifestyle changes in community through health care workers
  • To establish a Center of Excellence for conducting implementation research in project sites.
Last Update 26/01/2021

Phase I

This project aims to

  • Strengthen PHC system for delivering hypertension screening
  • Treatment and follow-up services by increasing hypertension control rate among patients taking hypertension treatment from health centers
  • Increasing hypertension control rate and detection rate in the community
  • Serving as a model for nationwide scale up


Two years 3 months (October 2018-December 2020)