National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh

For a Child's Heart

“For a Child’s Heart” has been started with the goal of helping children with congenital heart disease seeking treatment at National Heart Foundation and Research Institute (NHF). The NHF Cardiac Team is renowned for providing excellent care at subsidized costs. Even so, it is unfortunately all too common to meet patients who are unable to bear the full cost of procedures, basic investigations, and continued medication. Healthcare is a basic need, and it is tragic when we see fellow human beings unable to avail the care they deserve.

The money raised from the sale of boxes of hand-drawn greeting cards and from donations, however small or big, will go towards helping needy children with heart disease. I encourage you to read the “For a Child’s Heart” mission statement as well as the different ways you can help the cause.

I want to thank the NHF team for making this project possible. In addition, I want to thank each and every one who purchased a box of cards, donated, spread the word, or gave their time for our cause.

Any help can go a long way towards spreading joy, love, and happiness!

Thank you.


Dr. Mariam Khandaker