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Hospital and Patient Care :

National Heart Foundation Hospital and Research Institute is the prime project of National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh. It is located at Plot-7/2, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216. Initially a modest building was constructed with donation of A.N.H. Bari Trust. To meet the increasing demand, the hospital has been expanded and raised to 300 bedded hospital with the support from Government under Public Private Partnership (PPP), individual and various organization at home and abroad with all modern treatment facilities for cardiac patients. This hospital is carrying out all types of modern non-invasive and invasive investigations including interventional cardiology and both closed and open heart surgery including CABG on beating heart are performed successfully. Many cardiac patients are getting modern investigations and treatment in this hospital without going abroad, thus savings lot of foreign currency.

This hospital provides free service to 30% poor patients and all investigations and treatment are done at lower charges than other hospitals. The hospital is managed by the National Heart Foundation Hospital Trust. The Doctors and Staff of this institute form a team of highly competent professionals, devoted to achieve objectives and to make this hospital as center of excellence.

Major facilities:

  • 1.   Out Patients Department (OPD)
  • 2.   Emergency services for heart patients
  • 3.   Coronary Care Unit (CCU) & Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • 4.   Heart Failure Unit
  • 5.   ECG, ETT and Echo Cardiography
  • 6.   Cardiac Catheterization, Angiogram & other Interventions
  • 7.   Cardiac Surgery
  • 8.   Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • 9.   Research
  • 10. Biochemical & Pathology Laboratory
  • 11. Blood Bank
  • 12. Radiology and Imaging
  • 13. Ambulance Service

Academic Activities :

Academic activities is conducted by Academic Council.

  • 1. Postgraduate courses, MD Cardiology and MS Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • 2. Training program for doctors on cardiovascular diseases.
  • 3. Training courses for Technician in ECG,ETT, Echo,
  • 4. Nurses training on Cardiac Care & Diploma in Cardiac Nursing.
  • 5. Seminar & symposium on recent advance in cardiac management.
  • 6. WHO, NHFH&RI jointly organize workshops on Cardiovascular diseases from time to time.
  • 7. Public education on prevention of cardiovascular diseases through mass media (Press, Radio and TV), seminar & symposium.
  • 8. Weekly clinical meeting and journal club.
  • 9. National Conference every year and International Conference every three years.

Other activities :

National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh has spread its activities out side Dhaka and there are 33 affiliated bodies in different parts of the country.

Heart camps are organized at different places of the country with the helps of Affiliated Bodies. Cardiologist participate in the camp, treat heart disease patients, educate and motivate people about prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.

Booklets are published and educational programs are carried out through mass media like Radio, TV, Press to create awareness among people for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Rydroug Barta () is published in every 03 month regularly.

Holds seminars, Discussions with other National and International bodies on comprehensive (promotion, curative) aspects of cardiovascular diseases.

World Heart Day is observed on last Sunday in the month of September every year to create awareness among the people about prevention and control of Heart diseases along with other countries of the world.

Hypertension Committee of National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh is the member of World Hypertension League (WHL). It's various activities going on to create awareness among the people about prevention and control of Hypertension in our country.